Henrik Jordahl is Professor of Economics at Örebro University School of Business as well as Program Director at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm.

His primary field of research is public economics, in particular, the intersection between private business and the public sector. Most of his research covers
tax-financed services, privatisation, management, school quality, voting behaviour, and interpersonal trust.

Jordahl received his doctorate in 2002 from Uppsala University and is affiliated with the Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS). He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2008.


IZA Publications

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published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 2013, 30, 43-57
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published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 146, 79–86
IZA Discussion Paper No. 3763
published as 'Promises, Policies and Pocketbook Voting' in: European Economic Review, 2015, 75, 177–194
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