Marta Martínez Matute

Research Fellow

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Marta Martínez-Matute is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economic Analysis at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Before joining UAM, she worked for almost 4 years as a Research Economist at the Banco de España. She received her Ph.D. in Economics at Universidad de Valladolid in 2013.

Her research interests are in the fields of labor economics, law and economics, education and applied economics. In particular, she has focused on the analysis of labor market institutions, collective bargaining, firing costs, minimum wages and employment protection legislation, and also interested in the analysis of judicial enforcement, the interaction between labor reforms, firms´ decisions and employment adjustments and the effect of working experience and education on human capital accumulation. She has published her research on journals as IZA Journal of Labor Economics, International Review of Law & Economics, European Journal of Law & Economics, and Spanish Labor Economics Review. From January to June 2019 she was visiting the Department of Economics of (University College London) and she has also taught a course on advanced topics on labor economics and education at Technische Universität Dresden. In 2017 she was awarded as one of the best young economists to attend Lindau Meetings with Economic Science Nobel Prize winners.

Currently she is working on comparing the effects of collective bargaining agreements on employment, joint work with Pedro Martins (QMUL), on the effect of violence against women on judicial enforcement in Spain (joint work with Jorge García-Hombrados, UAM) and on the effects of uncertainty to firms´ labor decisions (joint work with Alberto Urtasun, Banco de España). She is also participating in a project financed by the European Commission on analyzing employers´ associations and collective bargaining in European countries (VP/2019/004/0038).

Marta Martínez-Matute joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in May 2020.


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