Miriam Wüst is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Aarhus University in 2012, and was a researcher at the Danish Center for Social Science Research 2012-2019. Wüst’s research includes work in health, family, and public economics. She focuses on analyzing the impact of policies designed to improve child and family well-being and their interaction with parental investments.

Miriam Wüst joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2020.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 13485
Jonas Lau-Jensen Hirani, Hans Henrik Sievertsen, Miriam Wüst
IZA Discussion Paper No. 10254
published in: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2020, 12 (3), 255-86.