Robert Haveman (decd)

Emeritus Research Fellow

University of Wisconsin-Madison

We are deeply sorry that Robert Haveman passed away on June 18 at age 85.

Professor Haveman teached cost-benefit analysis and other courses in economics and public policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a recipient of the University’s Distinguished Teacher Award and a scholar whose writings include numerous articles on environmental policy and natural resources, poverty and social policy, and tax and transfer policy. His most recent books include Starting Even: An Equal Opportunity Program to Combat the Nation’s New Poverty; and Succeeding Generations: On the Effects of Investments in Children (with Barbara Wolfe). He served as a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences and Humanities. He also held the Jan Tinbergen Professorship at Erasmus University, Netherlands, was a co-editor of the American Economic Review, and acted as a visiting research fellow at the Australian National University.

Robert Haveman joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2003.