I am an applied labor and education economist who is passionate about researching the origins of educational and labor market inequality and how public policy can make a difference. To answer these questions, I apply a toolbox of state-of-the-art econometric and statistical tools for predictive and causal analysis in surveys and large administrative data sources, as well as field experiments. My work has been published in journals such like the Economic Journal, the Journal of Labor Economics, the Journal of Human Resources and the American Economic Journal.

At IZA, I currently serve as research director. In this role, I am responsible for scientific management, research coordination, and science communication. I am actively engaged in improving German education policies by disseminating international research findings within the German policy discourse and advocating for enhanced data access for researchers.

I am affiliated with CESifo in Munich and the CRC TR 224 "Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges", and I am member of the Research Committee on Economics of Education (Bildungsökonomischer Ausschuss) of the German Economic Association.

External Publications


IZA Publications

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