Katrin Huber is a postdoctoral researcher in Empirical Economics at the University of Potsdam. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Passau in 2019. Katrin is also affiliated with the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) and with the Chair of Public Economics at the University of Passau. Moreover, she coordinates the Potsdam Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA).

Katrin’s research interests include public policy evaluation, labor economics, family economics, gender economics and applied microeconometrics. Her current research focuses on evaluating the impact of family policies on women’s careers and on analyzing the interaction between firms, employers and employees with respect to various labor market outcomes, such as training decisions. Her work has been published in the European Economic Review and the Review of Economics of the Household.

Katrin joined the IZA network in May 2023.


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