Alexia Delfino

Research Affiliate

Bocconi University

Alexia Delfino is a PhD candidate in Economics at the London School of Economics. In September 2020, she will join the Department of Economics at Bocconi University as Assistant Professor.

Alexia is an applied microeconomist with interests in Personnel, Development and Behavioral Economics. Her current research explores the interplay between norms, institutions and identity in explaining differences in labour market outcomes between groups and in affecting firms’ productivity through group-based sorting. She uses a variety of research methods, such as field experiments and survey-based techniques, and frequently collaborates with organizations in both developed and developing countries.

She is currently working on the impact of firms’ recruitment strategies in increasing gender diversity in public-sector frontline jobs, on the role of contract enforcement in fostering female entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa and on employee culture in a multinational bank.

Alexia Delfino joined IZA as a Reserach Affiliate in March 2020.