Henning Hermes

Research Affiliate

Ifo Institute for Economic Research

Henning Hermes is Postdoctoral Researcher and Deputy Director of the Ludwig Erhard ifo Center for Social Market Economy and Institutional Economics at the ifo Institute Munich.

Henning's research focuses on Experimental and Behavioral Economics but also covers topics in Labor Economics and the Economics of Education. He mainly studies human capital development, the formation of preferences, and inequality with respect to socio-economic background. In many of his projects, he uses field experiments to test the causal impact of scalable interventions that aim to improve important skills and life outcomes, especially for disadvantaged children. He is also working on topics such as paternalistic decision-making, relative performance feedback, and gender differences in strategic interaction. In one of his current lines of research, he wants to better understand enrolment decisions for universal childcare and consequences for child development, parental labor market participation, and socio-economic inequality.

Henning is affiliated with the FAIR Excellence Cluster at NHH Bergen, a DICE Research Affiliate, a CESifo and a CEPR Research Affiliate, and a Research Fellow of the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER). Prior to his PhD, he completed Diplomas (equivalent to BSc + MSc) in both Economics and Psychology. Before studying at university, he completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk and gathered some work experience in the banking sector.

He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in May 2020.