January 2004

IZA DP No. 979: Gender and Racial Discrimination in Hiring: A Pseudo Audit Study for Three Selected Occupations in Metropolitan Lima

published as 'Detecting Gender and Racial Discrimination in Hiring through Monitoring Intermediation Services: The Case of Selected Occupations in Metropolitan Lima, Peru ' in: World Development, 2012, 40 (2), 315-328.

In this paper, we adapt the audit studies methodology to analyze gender and racial differences in hiring for a particular segment of the market of three selected occupations in Metropolitan Lima: salespersons, secretaries and (accounting and administrative) assistants. The adapted pseudo-audit study methodology allows us to reduce the room for existence of statistical discrimination. The results suggest the existence of no significant differences in hiring rates for different gender-race groups but some systematic (and significant) differences in the aimed wages of the individuals in their job search processes.