April 2012

IZA DP No. 6487: "I Wish I Had 100 Dollars a Month …" - The Intergenerational Transfer of Poverty in Mongolia

substantially revised version published as 'I wish I had 100 dollars a month…: The Determinants of Poverty in Mongolia' in: European Journal of Development Research, 2016, 28 (5), 934-956

This paper aims to study the mechanisms of the intergenerational transfer of poverty: it considers household poverty as a risk factor for youth poverty. The study is based on a unique, nationally representative School-to-Work Transition survey carried out in 2006 in Mongolia, one of the 50 poorest countries of the world. A young person born in a household living out of $1 a day has a ceteris paribus probability about 4 times greater of dropping out of school, 2.5 times greater of being educationally marginalized and 20 times greater of being a working poor than a contemporary born in a family living out of more than $3 a day.