Our local team in Bonn is complemented by the international IZA research network of fellows and affiliates. Many of our alumni have continued their academic careers at prestigious institutions worldwide. Search across or within the groups below and use different attributes to refine your search.

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Jaeger, David A.

Research Fellow

CUNY Graduate Center

Jahn, Elke J.

Research Fellow

University of Bayreuth

Jasso, Guillermina

Research Fellow

New York University

Jinkins, David

Research Affiliate

Copenhagen Business School

Jirjahn, Uwe

Research Fellow

University of Trier

Juessen, Falko

Research Fellow

University of Wuppertal

Kahanec, Martin

Research Fellow

Central European University

Kahn, Matthew E.

Research Fellow

University of California, Los Angeles

Kaiser, Lutz C.

Research Fellow

North Rhine-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences

Kennan, John

Research Fellow

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kramer, Anica

Research Affiliate

University of Bamberg

Krause-Pilatus, Annabelle

Scientific Manager / Senior Research Associate


Kunze, Astrid

Research Fellow

Norwegian School of Economics

Lafortune, Jeanne

Research Fellow

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Lamarche, Carlos

Research Fellow

University of Kentucky

Lemos, Sara

Research Fellow

University of Leicester

Li, Lei

Research Affiliate

University of Zurich

Lin, Carl

Research Fellow

Bucknell University