Over 1,400 renowned economists from all parts of the world cooperate with IZA as Research Fellows by contributing publications and participating in projects and events (read more about the appointment process). While IZA benefits from collaborating with numerous very active Fellows, the institute offers a perfect platform for research communication, remote access to relevant data, and attractive publication outlets.

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Woodcock, Simon D.

Research Fellow

Simon Fraser University

Wooden, Mark

Research Fellow

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Woodland, Alan

Emeritus Research Fellow

University of New South Wales

Woolard, Ingrid

Research Fellow

University of Cape Town

Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.

Research Fellow

Michigan State University

Wozniak, Abigail

Research Fellow

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Wright, Robert E.

Research Fellow

University of Glasgow

Wu, Steven Y.

Research Fellow

Purdue University

Wüst, Miriam

Research Fellow

University of Copenhagen

Xing, Chunbing

Research Fellow

Beijing Normal University

Yakovlev, Evgeny

Research Fellow

New Economic School, Moscow

Yamada, Gustavo

Research Fellow

Universidad del Pacifico

Yang, Weiguo

Research Fellow

Renmin University of China

Yang, Dean

Research Fellow

University of Michigan

Yang, Dennis T.

Research Fellow

University of Virginia