1,600 renowned economists from all parts of the world cooperate with IZA as Research Fellows by contributing publications and participating in projects and events (read more about the appointment process). While IZA benefits from collaborating with numerous very active Fellows, the institute offers a perfect platform for research communication, remote access to relevant data, and attractive publication outlets.

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Paserman, M. Daniele

Research Fellow

Boston University

Pastore, Francesco (decd)

Research Fellow

Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Paul, Saumik

Research Fellow

Newcastle University

Pavcnik, Nina

Research Fellow

Dartmouth College

Pei, Zhuan

Research Fellow

Cornell University

Peichl, Andreas

Research Fellow

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Pelkonen, Panu

Research Fellow

University of Sussex

Pencavel, John

Research Fellow

Stanford University

Pereira, Pedro T.

Research Fellow

University of Madeira

Peri, Giovanni

Research Fellow

University of California, Davis

Perugini, Cristiano

Research Fellow

University of Perugia

Pesko, Michael

Research Fellow

Georgia State University

Pestel, Nico

Program Coordinator and Research Fellow

ROA, Maastricht University

Pestieau, Pierre

Research Fellow

CREPP, Université de Liège

Peter, Klara Sabirianova

Research Fellow

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill