Magnus Lofstrom is a senior research research fellow at PPIC. He also holds appointments as research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Germany; research associate at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego; and is a member of the California State Controller’s Council of Economic Advisors as well as the Editorial Board of Industrial Relations. His research focuses on immigration, entrepreneurship, public safety, and education, has been funded by the Russell Sage, Kauffman and Smith Richardson Foundations. In addition to numerous edited volumes, his work has been published in journals such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Human Resources, Demography, Journal of Population Economics, Economics of Education Review, Journal of Business Venturing, Small Business Economics and Journal of Regional Science.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 2101
Magnus Lofstrom, Chunbei Wang
substantially revised version published as 'Mexican- American Self-Employment : A Dynamic Analysis of Business Ownership' in: Research in Labor Economics, 2009, 29, 197 - 227
IZA Discussion Paper No. 360
published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2009, 22 (4), 941 - 970
IZA Discussion Paper No. 347
published as 'Assessing Immigrant Policy Options: Labor Market Conditions and Postreform Declines in Immigrants' Receipt of Welfare' in: Demography, 2002, 39 (4), 617-637
IZA Discussion Paper No. 175
published in: Cornelius, W. A. / Espenshade, T. J. (eds.), The International Migration of the Highly Skilled: Demand, Supply and Development Consequences, La Jolla, CA, 163-195
IZA Discussion Paper No. 100
published in: Journal of Human Resources, 2003, 38 (1), 74-98
IZA Discussion Paper No. 54
published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2002, 15 (1), 83-114