Andrew Leigh is a member of the Australian House of Representatives. Prior to his election in August 2010, he was a Professor in the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University, working in the fields of labour economics, public economics, population economics, and the economics of elections.

Andrew received a PhD from Harvard University in 2004. He has published over 100 papers, including articles in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Public Economics, the Economic Journal, Economics Letters, and the Journal of Health Economics. His books include Disconnected (2010), Battlers and Billionaires: The Story of Inequality in Australia (2013), The Economics of Just About Everything (2014), The Luck of Politics (2015), Choosing Openness: Why Global Engagement is Best for Australia (2017), Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World (2018), Innovation + Equality: How to Create a Future That Is More Star Trek Than Terminator (with Joshua Gans) (2019), Reconnected: A Community Builder's Handbook (with Nick Terrell) (2020), What's the Worst That Could Happen? Existential Risk and Extreme Politics (2021) and Fair Game: Lessons From Sport for a Fairer Society & a Stronger Economy (2022).

Andrew is a keen triathlete and marathon runner, and hosts a podcast called The Good Life: Andrew Leigh in Conversation, about living a happier, healthier and more ethical life. Andrew is the father of three sons - Sebastian, Theodore and Zachary, and lives with his wife Gweneth in Canberra. He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in February 2010.


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