Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann - Externe Veröffentlichungen

Artikel in referierten Zeitschriften

Associative Memory, Beliefs and Market Interactions (with Benjamin Enke and Frederik Schwerter), 2023, Journal of Financial Economics (accepted).

Self-Assessment: The Role of the Social Environment (with Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch). 2023, Journal of Public Economics (accepted).

Motivated Memory in Economics - a Review (with Andrea Amelio). February 2023. Games - Special Issue on "Economics of Motivated Beliefs"

Attention and Dread: Experimental Evidence on Preferences for Information (with Armin Falk).  2022.  Management Science, accepted. (Aktualisierte Version von "Beliefs and Utility: Experimental Evidence on Preferences for Information")

Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology (with Benjamin Enke and Ricardo Rodriguez-Padilla). 2022, Review of Economic Studies, accepted. (Econimate Video)

Moral Universalism: Measurement and Economic Relevance (with Benjamin Enke and Ricardo Rodriguez-Padilla). Management Science, 2022, 68(5), 3590-3603.

The Dynamics of Motivated Beliefs. American Economic Review, 2020, 110(2), 337-61.

Determinants of Trust: The Role of Personal Experiences (with Frederik Schwerter). Games and Economic Behavior, 2020, 122, 413-425.

Correlation Neglect in Belief Formation (with Benjamin Enke). Review of Economic Studies, 2019, 86(1), 313-332. (Subjects' Instructions)

Learning about Job Search: A Field Experiment with Job Seekers in Germany (with Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk and Simon Jäger). Journal of Public Economics, 2018, 164, 33-49. (Summary at VoxEU)

Information Processing and Commitment (with Armin Falk). The Economic Journal, 2018, 613(1), 1983-2002.

The Limits of Expectations-Based Reference Dependence (with Uri Gneezy, Lorenz Goette, Charles Sprenger). Journal of the European Economic Association, 2017, 15(4), 861-876. (Online Appendix)

Consistency as a Signal of Skills (with Armin Falk). Management Science, 2017, 63(7), 2197-2210. (Subjects' Instructions)

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Clumped or Piecewise? - Evidence on Preferences for Information. Management Science, 2015, 61(4), 740-753. (Subjects' Instructions).



Working Papers


Motivated Climate Change Denial? Evidence From a Representative Survey Experiment, conditionally accepted at Nature Climate Change.

Stories, Statistics and Memory (with Thomas Graeber and Christopher Roth). October 2023, revise & resubmit at Quarterly Journal of Economics. (Summary at VoxEU)

A Note on Motivated Cognition and Discriminatory Beliefs (with Lasse Stötzer). June 2023.