Marika Karanassou is a reader in Economics at Queen Mary University of London. She has published, among others, in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, and the Journal of Economic Surveys.

The analysis of dynamic macro-labour models with spillover effects and the evaluation of the inflation-unemployment tradeoff are the focal points of her research. The theoretical and empirical models of her work challenge the macroeconomic consensus on two major fronts: (i) the interplay of frictions and growth in labour market models questions the prevailing wisdom of the natural rate of unemployment, and (ii) the existence of a downward-sloping Phillips curve points against the classical dichotomy doctrine.

In parallel, an assessment of the market economy and the current crisis is put forward in
our thesis of "Warrant Economics, Call-Put Policy Options and the Fallacies of Economic
Theory". It is explained how Call-Put policy options unwind to a double-sided options trade:
a 'heads-I-win, tails-you-loose' corporatist strategy.

Marika Karanassou joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2000.



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