Juan J. Dolado

Research Fellow

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Juan J. Dolado is Professor at the Department of Economics at the European University Institute since 2014 and of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (on leave) since 1997. Before he worked as chief economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Spain, and as Visiting Professor at CEMFI. He got his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford. Juan J. Dolado is Fellow of CEPR and also acted for this Center as Programme Director in Labour Economics (1998-2004). Among other positions he has been co-editor of Labour Economics and Member Elect of the Executive Council of the EEA and EALE. He has published ed a wide array of articles in labour economics in leading economic journals. His research concentrates on Labour Economics, Macroeconomics and Econometric Theory.

Juan J. Dolado joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 1998. He will support the research efforts in all areas of the research programme.



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