At our headquarters in Bonn, our researchers and administrative staff are supported by student assistants. Search for names here, see our areas of expertise and service units, or go to our contact page.

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Caliendo, Marco

Program Coordinator and Visiting Research Fellow

Eichhorst, Werner

Team Leader, Coordinator of Labor Market and Social Policy in Europe

Hamermesh, Daniel S.

Chief Coordinator, IZA Network; Editor-in-Chief, IZA World of Labor

Kleinert, Sven

Senior Manager for Project Administration and Legal Affairs

Krause-Pilatus, Annabelle

Scientific Manager / Senior Research Associate

Lehmann, Hartmut

Program Coordinator and Visiting Research Fellow

Oswald, Andrew J.

Research Fellow and IZA Special Representative on Climate Change and the Labor Market

Rinne, Ulf

Head of Scientific Management / Senior Research Associate