Our global research network ist the largest in labor economics. It consists of more than 1,800 experienced Research Fellows und young Research Affiliates from more than 450 research institutions in the field. The geography of our network underscores our ambition to integrate and stimulate labor economics worldwide.

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Woodcock, Simon D.

Research Fellow

Simon Fraser University

Wooden, Mark

Research Fellow

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Woodland, Alan

Emeritus Research Fellow

University of New South Wales

Woolard, Ingrid

Research Fellow

University of Cape Town

Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.

Research Fellow

Michigan State University

Wozniak, Abigail

Research Fellow

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Wozny, Florian

Research Affiliate

German Aerospace Center DLR

Wu, Steven Y.

Research Fellow

Purdue University

Wüst, Miriam

Research Fellow

University of Copenhagen

Wulfgramm, Melike

Research Affiliate

University of Southern Denmark

Xie, Bin

Research Fellow

Jinan University

Xing, Chunbing

Research Fellow

Renmin University of China