Murat G. Kırdar is a professor at the economics department of Bogazici University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004.

His research interests lie in the areas of labor and demographic economics and development economics. He is particularly interested in the economics of immigration and economics of education.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in April 2010.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 13953
Yusuf Emre Akgündüz, Yusuf Kenan Bağır, Seyit Mümin Cilasun, Murat G. Kirdar
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published in: World Development 146, 105609 -- titled "“Down and up the “U” – A Synthetic Cohort (Panel) Analysis of Female Labor Force Participation in Turkey, 1988–2013”
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