Michael A. Clemens

Research Fellow

Center for Global Development

Michael Clemens is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, a Research Fellow at IZA, and an External Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration at University College London. He studies the economic effects and causes of migration around the world and directs the Center for Global Development's Program on Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy. He has published on migration, development, and impact evaluation, in peer-reviewed academic journals including the American Economic Review, and his research has been awarded the Royal Economic Society Prize. He has served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Population Economics and World Development. He is the author of the book The Walls of Nations, forthcoming from Columbia University Press.

Previously, Clemens has been an Affiliated Associate Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University, a visiting scholar at New York University, and a consultant for the World Bank, Bain & Co., the Environmental Defense Fund, and the United Nations Development Program. He has lived and worked in Colombia, Brazil, and Turkey. He received his PhD from the Department of Economics at Harvard University, specializing in economic development, public finance, and economic history.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2014.


IZA Publications

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