Jan C. van Ours

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jan van Ours (1954) is professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Applied Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also professorial fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Melbourne, CentER Fellow and CEPR Fellow. Jan van Ours studied mining engineering at the Technical University in Delft and economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he also got his Ph.D. He has published in journals like American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Labor Economics, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Health Economics, and Health Economics. Currently he is managing editor of De Economist.

In 1996 he was awarded with the Hicks-Tinbergen medal of the European Economic Association (joint with Geert Ridder).

In 2009 he was President of the European Society of Population Economics. From 2011-2014 he was President of the European Association of Labour Economists.

Jan van Ours joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1999.


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