Ken Clark was educated in Glasgow and Manchester and has worked in the economics department at the University of Manchester since 1990. He researches mainly in applied labour economics although he has also worked in the areas of experimental economics and criminology. He has taught econometrics, research methods and labour economics and is currently Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Social Sciences.

A major focus of Ken’s current labour market research is the performance of immigrants and ethnic minorities in the UK. He is particularly interested in immigrant assimilation, the dynamics and diversity of minority employment outcomes, self-employment amongst ethnic minorities and the interaction between location decisions and economic performance. Ken is a member of the ESRC Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity.

Ken’s publications include papers in Economic Journal, Oxford Economic Papers, Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economics Letters and Journal of Population Economics.

He has been an IZA Research Fellow since February 2004.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9539
revised version published in: Small Business Economics, 2017, 48 (4), 1047-1069
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revised version published in: M. Kahanec and K.F. Zimmermann (eds), Labor Migration, EU Enlargement and the Great Recession, Berlin: Springer, 2016
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revised version published as 'Patterns of Ethnic Self-Employment in Time and Space: Evidence from British Census Microdata' in: Small Business Economics, 2010, 34 (3), 323-338
IZA Discussion Paper No. 2228
revised version published as 'Immigrant assimilation pre and post labour market entry: evidence from the UK Labour Force Survey' in: Journal of Population Economics, 2009, 22 (1), 175-198
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