Our empirical research on the future of work is organized across four in-house research teams, each with their own thematic focus. We are continually advancing our research agenda to tackle new societal challenges which require differentiated responses. Our local research activities are closely linked with the University of Bonn. At the same time, IZA is the leading international platform that connects, disseminates and promotes cutting-edge research in all areas of labor economics. We actively involve network members in our projects and operate our own Research Data Center.

Research Teams

Our research teams analyze the future of work and evaluate the effectiveness of labor market programs.


IZA is a globally connected institute. We coordinate the largest international network in labor economics with more than 1,800 members. This unique combination of global network and in-house research capacity is the cornerstone of our success. Within our network program areas we organize a variety of international workshops and conferences.


In addition to our own research initiatives, we also produce research reports for policy institutions and conduct externally funded projects in collaboration with partner institutes.


The IZA Prize in Labor Economics is widely regarded as the most prestigious award in the field. Outstanding junior researchers are recognized with the IZA Young Labor Economist Award. The IZA Award for Innovative Research on the Economics of Climate Change was established 2020.

Research Data Center (IDSC)

IZA’s Research Data Center offers a variety of scientific datasets for academic use and facilitates data access through controlled remote data processing.


Funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the “Gender, Growth and Labour Markets in Low Income Countries Programme” (G²LM|LIC) is coordinated by IZA.