Prof. Dr. Steffen Altmann – External Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Passive Choices and Cognitive Spillovers

Steffen Altmann, Andreas Grunewald, Jonas Radbruch (2021). Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming).

Deadlines and Cognitive Limitations

Steffen Altmann, Christian Traxler, Philipp Weinschenk (2021). Management Science (forthcoming).

Learning About Job Search: A Field Experiment with Job Seekers in Germany

Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Simon Jäger, Florian Zimmermann (2018). Journal of Public Economics, 164, 33–49.

Functional Characterization of an Oxytocin Receptor Gene Variant (rs2268498) Previously Associated with Social Cognition by Expression Analysis in Vitro and in Human Brain Biopsy

Martin Reuter, Christian Montag, Steffen Altmann, Fabian Bendlow, Christian Elger, Peter Kirsch, Albert Becker, Susanne Schoch-McGovern, Matthias Simon, Andrea Felten, Bernd Weber (2017). Social Neuroscience, 12/5, 604–611.

Contractual Incompleteness, Unemployment, and Labor Market Segmentation

Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Andreas Grunewald, David Huffmann (2014). Review of Economic Studies, 81/1, 30–56.

Nudges at the Dentist

Steffen Altmann, Christian Traxler (2014). European Economic Review, 72, 19–38.

Promotions and Incentives: The Case of Multi-Stage Elimination Tournaments

Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Matthias Wibral (2012). Journal of Labor Economics, 30/1, 149–174.

Gift Exchange and Workers' Fairness Concerns: When Equality Is Unfair

Johannes Abeler, Sebastian Kube, Steffen Altmann, Matthias Wibral (2010). Journal of the European Economic Association, 8/6, 1299–1324.

Do the Reciprocal Trust Less?

Steffen Altmann, Thomas Dohmen, Matthias Wibral (2008). Economics Letters, 99/3, 454–457.