Our flagship outlets include the IZA Discussion Paper Series, our three open-access IZA Journals, and the IZA World of Labor. We also publish books, issue research reports, and co-edit the Research in Labor Economics (RLE) series.

IZA Discussion Papers

The IZA Discussion Paper Series makes new research output by IZA staff and network members accessible before it gets published in refereed journals. Already comprising over 14,000 working papers, the series has become the premier outlet for brand new research in the field. Read our new IZA Discussion Papers on COVID-19.

IZA Open Access Journals

IZA has been pioneering open-access principles in the field of economics. All peer-reviewed articles in the IZA Journal of Labor Economics, the IZA Journal of Labor Policy, and the IZA Journal of Development and Migration are freely downloadable.

Research in Labor Economics (RLE)

IZA co-edits Research in Labor Economics (RLE), a biannual series that publishes new peer-reviewed research applying economic theory and econometrics to policy related topics pertinent to worker well-being.

IZA World of Labor

The IZA World of Labor is an innovative online resource that condenses the existing scientific knowledge on specific labor market questions in an easily accessible format. Several hundred articles provide a solid empirical foundation for public debates and political decision-making. Read commentaries by our experts on COVID-19.

IZA Policy Papers

Focusing on policy implications and written in a non-technical style, the IZA Policy Papers are targeted also at a general audience. Like the IZA Discussion Papers, this series publishes work by IZA staff and network members only.

IZA Standpunkte

The IZA Standpunkte series (in German) includes papers with a clear focus on policy analysis and the future of work, mostly covering current debates and labor market issues in Germany.

Research Reports

Commissioned by policy institutions on the national and international level, IZA provides comprehensive studies or shorter reports on current labor market policy issues. Most studies are available as IZA Research Reports.


IZA experts have published numerous books on labor market topics. The IZA Prize Book Series provides an overview of the IZA Prize laureates’ core findings.