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Die IZA Discussion Paper Series (ISSN: 2365-9793) nimmt eine zentrale Rolle unter den IZA-Publikationen ein. Die Discussion Papers machen wichtige Forschungsarbeiten von IZA-Mitarbeitern, Research Fellows und Affiliates Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit gleichermaßen zugänglich. Beiträge zur Discussion Paper Series müssen unseren Veröffentlichungsrichtlinien entsprechen. Die Volltext-Dateien lassen sich per Click auf das PDF-Symbol anzeigen.
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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10317 David A. Jaeger, Theodore J. Joyce, Robert Kaestner Does Reality TV Induce Real Effects? On the Questionable Association Between 16 and Pregnant and Teenage Childbearing Oktober 2016 Abstract
10316 Uwe Jirjahn, Cornelia Struewing Risk Attitude and Nonmarital Birth Oktober 2016 Abstract
10315 Rosangela Bando, Florencia López Bóo Sex-Differences in Language and Socio-Emotional Skills: Evidence from Large Scale Studies of Very Young Children Oktober 2016 Abstract
10314 Francesco Devicienti, Elena Grinza, Alessandro Manello, Davide Vannoni Which Are the Benefits of Having More Female Leaders? Evidence from the Use of Part-Time Work in Italy Oktober 2016 Abstract
10313 Anne Ardila Brenøe, Shelly Lundberg Gender Gaps in the Effects of Childhood Family Environment: Do They Persist into Adulthood? Oktober 2016 Abstract
10312 Shoshana Grossbard Marriage and Marriage Markets Oktober 2016 Abstract
10311 Giulio Fella, Serafin Frache, Winfried Koeniger Buffer-Stock Saving and Households' Response to Income Shocks Oktober 2016 Abstract
10310 Marcelo Bergolo, Estefania Galvan Intra-Household Behavioral Responses to Cash Transfer Programs: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Oktober 2016 Abstract
10309 Diana Contreras Suarez, Lisa A. Cameron Conditional Cash Transfers: Do They Change Time Preferences and Educational Aspirations? Oktober 2016 Abstract
10308 Mehtabul Azam Household Income Mobility in India: 1993-2011 Oktober 2016 Abstract
10307 Pernilla Andersson Joona, Alma W. Lanninger, Marianne Sundström Reforming the Integration of Refugees: The Swedish Experience Oktober 2016 Abstract
10306 Stefano Comino, Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Antonio Nicolò Silence of the Innocents: Illegal Immigrants' Underreporting of Crime and their Victimization Oktober 2016 Abstract
10305 Elie Murard Consumption and Leisure: The Welfare Impact of Migration on Family Left Behind Oktober 2016 Abstract
10304 Osea Giuntella, Fabrizio Mazzonna, Catia Nicodemo, Carlos Vargas-Silva Immigration and the Reallocation of Work Health Risks Oktober 2016 Abstract
10303 Javier Ortega, Gregory Verdugo Moving Up or Down? Immigration and the Selection of Natives across Occupations and Locations Oktober 2016 Abstract
10302 Maria Ferreira Sequeda, Annemarie Künn-Nelen, Andries de Grip Work-Related Learning and Skill Development in Europe: Does Initial Skill Mismatch Matter? Oktober 2016 Abstract
10301 Kari P Hadjivassiliou, Arianna Tassinari, Werner Eichhorst, Florian Wozny Assessing the Performance of School-to-Work Transition Regimes in the EU Oktober 2016 Abstract
10300 Gleb V. Borisov, Christopher A. Pissarides The Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital and Earnings in Contemporary Russia Oktober 2016 Abstract
10299 Pablo Agnese, Jana Hromcová Offshoring, Endogenous Skill Decision, and Labor Market Outcomes Oktober 2016 Abstract
10298 Franziska Hampf, Ludger Woessmann Vocational vs. General Education and Employment over the Life-Cycle: New Evidence from PIAAC Oktober 2016 Abstract
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