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Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Malaria Exposure on Education and Health: Evidence from Colonial Taiwan
by Simon Chang, Belton M. Fleisher, Seonghoon Kim, Shi-yung Liu
(February 2011)
published in: Econmic Development and Cultural Change, 2014, 62 (3), 519-36.

We estimate the effects of early childhood malaria exposure on education and health at older ages by exploiting variations in malaria exposure risk around birth that resulted from a universal malaria eradication campaign in colonial Taiwan in the early 20th century. We find that malaria exposure around birth leads to lower life-time educational attainment and to worse mental and physical health outcomes in old age as reflected in particular in worse cognitive function, a higher likelihood of cardiovascular diseases and a higher mortality hazard, compared to those who were not exposed.
Text: See Discussion Paper No. 5526  


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