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Pedro Portugal
Research Fellow

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Portugal Pedro Portugal (1958), a citizen of Portugal, graduated in economics at Faculdade de Economia do Porto and received his PhD at the University of South Carolina. He is currently a senior researcher at the Bank of Portugal and visiting full professor of economics at Nova School of Business and Economics. Since 2012, he is also a member of the Conselho Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia.
His main area of interest is applied labor economics, focusing on issues of microeconomics of unemployment, unemployment compensation, wage bargaining, job security, and worker displacement. Pedro Portugal has published in the major economics and labor economics journals, including the American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Economic Policy, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economica, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Human Resources, and Industrial and Labor Relations Review.
He has also published in other fields, namely in Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics and Strategic Management, including the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Small Business Economics and Strategic Management Journal.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in December 2004.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
9221  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
Hugo Vilares
Sources of the Union Wage Gap: Results from High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression Models
9220  Pedro Raposo
Pedro Portugal
Anabela Carneiro
Decomposing the Wage Losses of Displaced Workers: The Role of the Reallocation of Workers into Firms and Job Titles
8943  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
Hugo Vilares
Unions and Collective Bargaining in the Wake of the Great Recession
8848  Sónia Félix
Pedro Portugal
Drug Decriminalization and the Price of Illicit Drugs
8785  Pedro Portugal
Pedro Raposo
Seriously Strengthening the Tax-Benefit Link
8125  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
José Varejão
Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match between Better Theory and Better Data
(published in: Labour Economics, 2014, 30, 4-11)
7670  Anabela Carneiro
Pedro Portugal
José Varejão
Catastrophic Job Destruction
(published in: Journal of Macroeconomics, 2014, 39 (Part B): 444-457)
7276  Sónia Torres
Pedro Portugal
John T. Addison
Paulo Guimaraes
The Sources of Wage Variation: A Three-Way High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression Model
7109  Ana Rute Cardoso
Paulo Guimaraes
Pedro Portugal
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex Discrimination
(published as 'What drives the gender wage gap? A look at the role of firm and job-title heterogeneity' in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2016, 68 (2), 506-524)
5077  John T. Addison
José Machado
Pedro Portugal
The Reservation Wage Unemployment Duration Nexus
(published in: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 75 (6), 980-987)
4380  Pedro Portugal
José Varejão
Why Do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts?
4187  Pedro S. Martins
Alvaro A. Novo
Pedro Portugal
Increasing the Legal Retirement Age: The Impact on Wages, Worker Flows and Firm Performance
4174  Anabela Carneiro
Paulo Guimaraes
Pedro Portugal
Real Wages and the Business Cycle: Accounting for Worker and Firm Heterogeneity
(published as 'Real Wages and the Business Cycle: Accounting for Worker, Firm and Job-Title Heterogeneity' in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2012, 4(2))
3935  Paulo Guimaraes
Pedro Portugal
A Simple Feasible Alternative Procedure to Estimate Models with High-Dimensional Fixed Effects
(published in: Stata Journal, 2010, 10 (4), 628-649)
3357  John T. Addison
Mario Centeno
Pedro Portugal
Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages: Key Elasticities from a Stripped-Down Job Search Approach
(published in: Economica, 2010, 77 (305), 46–59)
3289  John T. Addison
Mario Centeno
Pedro Portugal
Do Reservation Wages Really Decline? Some International Evidence on the Determinants of Reservation Wages
(published in: Journal of Labor Research, 2009, 30 (1), 1 - 8)
3091  Joao Ejarque
Pedro Portugal
Labor Adjustment Costs in a Panel of Establishments: A Structural Approach
3016  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
How Do Different Entitlements to Unemployment Benefits Affect the Transitions from Unemployment into Employment?
(published in: Economics Letters, 2008, 101 (3), 206-209)
2701  José Varejão
Pedro Portugal
Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in the Estimation of Labor Demand Functions
2604  Anabela Carneiro
Pedro Portugal
Workers’ Flows and Real Wage Cyclicality
2289  Anabela Carneiro
Pedro Portugal
Earnings Losses of Displaced Workers: Evidence from a Matched Employer-Employee Data Set
2174  José Machado
Pedro Portugal
Juliana Guimarães
U.S. Unemployment Duration: Has Long Become Longer or Short Become Shorter?
2102  Anabela Carneiro
Pedro Portugal
Market Power, Dismissal Threat and Rent Sharing: The Role of Insider and Outsider Forces in Wage Bargaining
(published in: International Journal of Manpower, 2008, 29 (1), 30-47)
1926  Anabela Carneiro
Pedro Portugal
Wages and the Risk of Displacement
(published in: Research in Labor Economics, 2008, 28, 251-276)
1922  José Varejão
Pedro Portugal
Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2007, 25 (1), 137-165)
1314  John T. Addison
Mario Centeno
Pedro Portugal
Key Elasticities in Job Search Theory: International Evidence
(published as 'Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages: Key Elasticities from a Stripped-Down Job Search Approach' in Economica, 2010, 77 (305), 46-59.)
1252  John T. Addison
Mario Centeno
Pedro Portugal
Reservation Wages, Search Duration, and Accepted Wages in Europe
978  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
How Does the Unemployment Insurance System Shape the Time Profile of Jobless Duration?
(published in: Economics Letters, 2004, 85 (2), 229-234)
954  Pedro Portugal
John T. Addison
Six Ways to Leave Unemployment
(published in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2008, 55 (4), 393 - 419)
914  Ana Rute Cardoso
Pedro Portugal
Bargained Wages, Wage Drift and the Design of the Wage Setting System
(published as 'Contractual wages and the wage cushion under different bargaining settings' in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2005, 23 (4), 875-902)
544  Pedro Portugal
Ana Rute Cardoso
Disentangling the Minimum Wage Puzzle: An Analysis of Worker Accessions and Separations
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2006, 4 (5), 988-1013. Reprinted in J. T. Addison (ed.) Recent Developments in Labor Economics, Vol. I, UK, 2007, 179-204)
350  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
Unemployment Duration: Competing and Defective Risks
(published in: Journal of Human Resources, 2003, 38 (1), 156-191)
349  John T. Addison
Pedro Portugal
Job Search Methods and Outcomes
(published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2002, 54 (3), 505-533)



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