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Patricia Apps
Research Fellow

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Apps Patricia Apps is Professor of Public Economics in the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, Adjunct Professor in the Economics Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, and also Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. She studied economics at Yale University, and obtained her PhD at the University of Cambridge. In 1994 she was elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

Her research has focused on theoretical and empirical approaches to modeling multi-person households, and the application of these models to the analysis of tax policy, welfare programs, household labour supply and saving behaviour, and gender issues. Her publications in these areas have appeared in general and specialist journals, including the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Economics, Labour Economics and the Journal of Population Economics. She also plays an active role in policy debates in these areas.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1999.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
7007  Patricia Apps
Jan Kabátek
Ray Rees
Arthur van Soest
Labor Supply Heterogeneity and Demand for Child Care of Mothers with Young Children
6971  Patricia Apps
Silvia Mendolia
Ian Walker
The Impact of Pre-school on Adolescents' Outcomes: Evidence from a Recent English Cohort
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2013, 37, 183-199)
6824  Patricia Apps
Yuri Andrienko
Ray Rees
Risk and Saving in Two-Person Households: More Scope for Precautionary Saving
(published as 'Risk and Precautionary Saving in Two-Person Households' in: American Economic Review, 2014, 104 (3), 1040-1046)
6823  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Optimal Taxation, Child Care and Models of the Household
6615  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Capital Income Taxation and the Mirrlees Review
6007  Patricia Apps
Ngo Van Long
Ray Rees
Optimal Piecewise Linear Income Taxation
(forthcoming in: Journal of Public Economic Theory)
4189  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Relational Contracts, Taxation and the Household
(published in: CESifo Economic Studies, 2011, 57 (2), 245-258)
3127  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Cooperative Household Models
2910  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
The Taxation of Couples
(published as "Optimal Taxation and Tax Reform for Two-Earner Households" in: CESifo Economic Studies, 2011, 57 (2), 283-304)
1855  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Gender, Time Use and Public Policy over the Life Cycle
(published in: Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2005, 21(3), 439-461)
1036  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Life Cycle Time Allocation and Saving in an Imperfect Capital Market
(revised version published as "Family labor supply, taxation and saving in an imperfect capital market" in: Review of Economics of the Household, 2010, 8 (3), 297-323)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Patricia Apps
Gender, Time Use and Models of the Household
409  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Fertility, Female Labor Supply and Public Policy
(revised version published as 'Fertility, Taxation and Family Policy' in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2004, 106 (4), 745-763)
280  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Household Saving and Full Consumption over the Life Cycle
157  Patricia Apps
Ray Rees
Household Production, Full Consumption and the Costs of Children
(published in: Labour Economics, 2001, 8 (6), 621-648)



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