Hyuncheol Bryant Kim

Research Affiliate

Cornell University

Hyuncheol Bryant Kim is an applied micro-economist with broad interests in development economics, health economics, public economics, education economics, and labor economics.

The main goal of his research is to understand the impact and behavioral responses to the public intervention programs in both developed and developing countries. He has been investigating various public intervention programs such as cancer screening, general health screening, long-term care insurance, girls' education support program, HIV/AIDS prevention programs such as male circumcision and HIV testing, mother and child health program, and internship program.

Hyuncheol joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in December 2016.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 11117

We study the long-run impacts of health insurance promotion in Northern Ghana. We randomly provide three overlapping interventions to promote enrollment: subsidy, information campaign, and convenient sign-up option, with follow-up surveys seven months and three years after the initial intervention. Our interventions, especially the subsidy, promote enrollment and healthcare service...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 10650

Health screening provides information on disease risk and diagnosis, but whether this promotes health is unclear. We estimate the impacts of the National Health Screening Program in Korea for diabetes, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. In this setting, information on disease risk and prompting for a secondary examination vary at different biomarker...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 10644

Incentives are essential to promote labor productivity. We implemented a two-stage field experiment to measure effects of career and wage incentives on productivity through self-selection and causal effect channels. First, workers were hired with either career or wage incentives. After employment, a random half of workers with career incentives received...