Our local team in Bonn is complemented by the international IZA research network of fellows and affiliates. Many of our alumni have continued their academic careers at prestigious institutions worldwide. Search across or within the groups below and use different attributes to refine your search.

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Kim, Jungho

Research Fellow

Ajou University

Kim, Jinyoung

Research Fellow

Korea University

Konseiga, Adama

Research Fellow

Ministry of Tourism, Quebec

Konstantopoulos, Spyros

Research Fellow

Michigan State University

Kossoudji, Sherrie

Research Fellow

University of Michigan

Kovak, Brian K.

Research Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University

Krause-Pilatus, Annabelle

Scientific Manager / Senior Research Associate


Kriechel, Ben

Research Fellow

Economix Research & Consulting

Kuhn, Peter J.

Research Fellow

University of California, Santa Barbara

Kureková, Lucia Mýtna

Research Fellow

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Laitin, David D.

Research Fellow

Stanford University

Lalive, Rafael

Research Fellow

University of Lausanne

LaLonde, Robert J.

Research Fellow

Harris School, University of Chicago

Lamarche, Carlos

Research Fellow

University of Kentucky

Layard, Richard

Research Fellow

London School of Economics

Lei, Xiaoyan

Research Fellow

Peking University