Our global research network ist the largest in labor economics. It consists of more than 2,000 experienced Research Fellows und young Research Affiliates from more than 450 research institutions in the field. IZA's network activities are supported  by a Network Advisory Panel which represents a range of diverse viewpoints and constituencies, including a mix of different seniorities within the profession. The geography of our network underscores our ambition to integrate and stimulate labor economics worldwide. Read more about the appointment process.

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Phelps, Charlotte D.

Emeritus Research Fellow

Temple University

Picard, Pierre M.

Research Fellow

University of Luxembourg

Picchio, Matteo

Research Fellow

Marche Polytechnic University

Piccoli, Luca

Research Fellow

University of Trento

Pichler, Stefan

Research Fellow

University of Groningen

Pieters, Janneke

Research Fellow

Wageningen University

Piggott, John

Research Fellow

University of New South Wales

Pignatti, Norberto

Research Fellow

ISET, Tbilisi State University

Pineda-Torres, Mayra

Research Affiliate

Georgia Institute of Technology

Pinger, Pia

Research Fellow and Associated Member

University of Cologne

Pino, Francisco J.

Research Fellow

University of Chile

Piracha, Matloob

Research Fellow

University of Kent

Pischke, Jörn-Steffen

Research Fellow

London School of Economics

Pissarides, Christopher A.

Research Fellow

London School of Economics

Pistaferri, Luigi

Research Fellow

Stanford University

Piyapromdee, Suphanit

Research Fellow

University College London

Plug, Erik

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam