Mathias joined the ifo Institute in July 2017 as Deputy Director of the ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys. From 2013-2017, he was Senior Researcher at ZEW Mannheim. He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in September 2009 when he was a fellow of the Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences. He became a Research Associate in October 2011 and continues to cooperate with IZA as a Research Fellow.

Mathias has been involved in various research projects conducted on behalf of national ministries, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank and the OECD. His research interests include empirical public economics and fiscal policy, with particular reference to taxation, social insurance, redistribution and inequality.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 11440
published in: Journal of Economic Inequality, 2019, 17 (3), 337 - 357
IZA Discussion Paper No. 9618
published in: International Tax and Public Finance, 2017, 24 (4), 575-615 doi:10.1007/s10797-017-9462-3
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revised version forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance
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revised version published as 'Fiscal Union in Europe? Redistributive and Stabilizing Effects of a European Tax-Benefit System and Fiscal Equalization Mechanism' in: Economic Policy, 2013, 28 (75), 375-422
IZA Discussion Paper No. 6102
revised version published in: Social Choice and Welfare, 2013, 41 (4), 789-817
IZA Discussion Paper No. 5440
revised version split into 2 parts which are published in International Tax and Public Finance (also available as IZA DP 7215) and Annals of Economics and Statistics
IZA Discussion Paper No. 4917
published in: Research in Labor Economics, 2011, 32, 227-256
IZA Discussion Paper No. 4310
revised version published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2012, 96 (3-4), 279-294; also available as NBER Working Paper 16275
IZA Standpunkt Nr. 45
English version, IZA Policy Paper No 33, published in: Intereconomics, 2012, 47 (1), 31-38
IZA Research Report No. 31
Report based on a study conducted for the European Parliament, Bonn 2010 (188 pages)