Labor Market Institutions

IZA’s research team “Labor Market Institutions” adopts an international comparative perspective: Despite progressive economic integration in Europe and globally as well as rapid technological change, national arrangements of labor market institutions and social policies remain highly diverse. National employment systems, made up of institutions at different levels, ranging from legislation to collectively agreed arrangements and firm-level practices, continue to bring about notably different quality and quantity of jobs, and reforms tend to follow peculiar paths.

Against the backdrop of persistent institutional diversity, our research focusses on three guiding questions:

  • How do institutional arrangements and reforms influence structures and dynamics of labor markets?
  • How can we explain different paths of institutional change, i.e. in relation to the policy challenges raised by inequality, structural or technological change or open borders?
  • How do labor market institutions at different levels interact, in particular between supranational or European regulation and national labor market institutions?



Prof. Dr. Werner Eichhorst (Team Leader)