Areas of Expertise

Practice-oriented knowledge transfer and policy advice

The IZA research team in Bonn explores how the world of work and labor markets are changing.
It investigates how to design an institutional framework that maintains employment and social cohesion.
Our in-house research on the future of work is divided into four areas of expertise.

Recent Projects

In addition to our own research initiatives, we also work on projects funded by external institutions, such as government departments and international organizations.

Current research projects include:

Minimum wage in Germany

IZA analyzes the effects of the German minimum wage on employment and unemployment.


Expertises for Federal Labor Ministry

IZA delivers research reports and organizes dialogue on fundamental questions of the welfare state, the changing world of work, and social integration.


IZA World of Labor

Online knowledge base for labor policy

IZA World of Labor provides relevant and succinct information based on sound empirical evidence to help in formulating good policies and best practices. It provides expert know-how in an innovative structure, and a clear and accessible style.

Our most recent articles include:

New technologies change job design

Many routine and manual tasks have been automated. Advances in artificial intelligence may be accelerating computers’ ability to perform cognitive tasks, heightening concerns about automation of even high-skill jobs.


Knowledge spillovers and future jobs

Entrepreneurs will play a vital role in creating the jobs of the future by transforming ideas and knowledge into new products and services, which will be the competitive advantage of the advanced economies.