Areas of Expertise

Practice-oriented knowledge transfer and policy advice

IZA's in-house research activities are concentrated in four areas of expertise, which cover pressing labor market policy issues - on the national and European level - from different perspectives. Our research topics meet the criteria of policy relevance as well as scientific relevance.

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IZA World of Labor

Online knowledge base for labor policy

IZA World of Labor provides relevant and succinct information based on sound empirical evidence to help in formulating good policies and best practices. It provides expert know-how in an innovative structure, and a clear and accessible style.

Selected articles

Who owns the robots rules the world

Workers can benefit from technology that substitutes robots or other machines for their work by owning part of the capital that replaces them.


Youth labor market interventions

Comprehensive programs that focus on skills can reduce unemployment and upgrade skills in OECD countries.


Hot Topics

Read selected op-eds and interviews with IZA experts on "hot topics" in the current public debate on labor market issues.

Recent Projects

In addition to our own research initiatives, we also work on projects funded by external institutions, such as government departments and international organizations.

Minimum wage in Germany

IZA analyzes the effects of the newly introduced German minimum wage on employment, working time, and unemployment.

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Federal Labor Ministry (BMAS) contract

IZA delivers research reports and organizes dialogue on fundamental questions of the welfare state, the changing world of work, and social integration.

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