Our local team in Bonn is complemented by the international IZA research network of fellows and affiliates. Many of our alumni have continued their academic careers at prestigious institutions worldwide. Search across or within the groups below and use different attributes to refine your search.

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Schone, Pal

Research Fellow

Institute for Social Research, Oslo

Schüller, Simone

Research Fellow

German Youth Institute (DJI)

Schündeln, Matthias

Research Fellow

Goethe University Frankfurt

Schultz, T. Paul

Emeritus Research Fellow

Yale University

Schultz-Nielsen, Marie Louise

Research Fellow

Rockwool Foundation Research Unit

Schwandt, Hannes

Research Fellow

Northwestern University

Schwarze, Johannes (decd)

Research Fellow (deceased)

University of Bamberg

Schwerdt, Guido

Research Fellow

University of Konstanz

Scoppa, Vincenzo

Research Fellow

University of Calabria

Scrutinio, Vincenzo

Research Affiliate

University of Bologna

Seah, Kelvin

Research Fellow

National University of Singapore

Seebens, Holger

Research Fellow

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

Seim, David

Research Affiliate

Stockholm University

Seltzer, Andrew

Research Fellow

Royal Holloway, University of London

Sen, Kunal

Research Fellow

University of Manchester