Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, Head of its School of Public Policy, and Founder and Scientific Director of CELSI, Bratislava. Research Associate at the university of Economics in Bratislava.

Fellow of Global Labor Organization and POP UNU-MERIT.

Former Visiting Research Fellow, Deputy Program Director "Migration", the leader of the research sub-area EU Enlargement and the Labor Markets and former Deputy Director of Research (2009) at IZA. Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University's Labor and Worklife Program in 2014-15.

Member of several professional associations (AEA, ESPE, EALE, EEA) and a founding member, vice-President, and Fellow of the Slovak Economic Association.

His main research interests are labor and population economics, ethnicity, migration, and reforms in Central Eastern European labor markets. Martin Kahanec has published in peer-reviewed academic journals, contributed chapters in collected volumes including the Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality (OxfordUP) and the International Handbook on the Economics of Migration (Edward Elgar), and he has edited several scientific book volumes and journal special issues.

He is the founding Managing Editor of the IZA Journal of European Labor Studies (in 2016 included in Scopus), Associate Editor of the International Journal of Manpower (SSCI, Scopus, ...), and member of the Editorial Board of Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research (Scopus, ...).

Martin Kahanec has held several advisory positions and leading roles in a number of scientific and policy projects with the World Bank, the European Commission, OECD, and other international and national institutions.

Martin Kahanec earned his Ph.D. in Economics in 2006 from the Center for Economic Research (CentER), Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He earned his Master's degree from the Central European University in Budapest as well as from the Faculty of management, Comenius University, in Bratislava in 2000, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree in 1998.


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