Bob Hart has been Professor of Economics at the University of Stirling since 1986. Degrees: BA (Hons.) Economics and MA Economics, University of Liverpool. Previous posts: Lecturer in Economics and Statistics, University of Aberdeen (1969-72); Lecturer in Economics, University of Leeds (1973-74); Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Strathclyde (1976-79), Visiting Associate Professor, McMaster University (1979/80), Senior Research Fellow, International Institute of Management in Berlin (1980-86).

He researches in labour market economics, with special interests in labour costs, working time, human capital, business cycle fluctuations in the labour market, the British engineering labour market between 1920 and 1970, and the economics of education.

Among other journals, he has published in the European Economic Review, Economica, Review of Economic Studies, the Economic Journal, Journal of Regional Science, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (A and C), European Journal of Political Economy. He has published five monographs in labour market economics, the latest being Work and Pay in Japan (with Seiichi Kawasaki), Cambridge University Press, June, 1999. The fifth book was published by Cambridge University Press in August, 2004 - The Economics of Overtime Working.


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Robert A. Hart, Felix Ritchie
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