Zarrina Juraqulova

Research Affiliate

Denison University

Zarrina Juraqulova is an assistant professor of economics at Denison University. As an applied economist, her research primarily includes analysis of gender issues in the U.S. academic labor market, the study of family planning services, women empowerment, and health care services in regions of Central Asia and Russia.

Juraqulova has been a recipient of prestigious scholarships and fellowships for professional development and research. She is currently a fellow of Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics at Duke University. She teaches courses in health economics, gender and globalization, and introductory econometrics.

She earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Washington State University in 2015 and an undergraduate degree from Technological University of Tajikistan. Prior getting a doctoral degree in economics, Juraqulova worked as a program specialist and consultant for international organizations such as United Nations Development Program, Winrock International and World Bank in Tajikistan.

Zarrina Juraqulova became a Research Affiliate in October 2017.