Miguel Portela holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. He is Associate Professor with Habilitation at Universidade do Minho, Director of the Centre for Research in Economics and Management (NIPE), and Co-Editor of the Portuguese Economic Journal. He is an affiliate of NIPE/UMinho, CIPES and IZA, Bonn. He has an ongoing collaboration with Banco de Portugal and is a member of the Portuguese Council for Productivity. His research interests are labour economics, the economics of education and applied econometrics. He published a set of articles, books and book chapters, emphasising publications in Econometrica, Labour Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Regional Studies and Studies in Higher Education. He has research collaborations in different countries and leads and integrates research teams whose work has been funded by private and public entities. One highlights his FCT project ``It's All About Productivity: contributions to the understanding of the sluggish performance of the Portuguese economy ''. He has also written reports to define public policies on the Minimum Wage, Education and Employment in the Portuguese labour market. In addition, he has experience in consulting, both for private and public institutions.



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