Research in Labor Economics

Peer-reviewed biannual series

Research in Labor Economics (RLE) is a well-established scientific series consisting of a collection of refereed original research papers in the field of labor economics. RLE is published in close cooperation between IZA and Emerald Publishing. It covers themes such as labor supply, work effort, schooling, on-the-job training, earnings distribution, discrimination, migration, health, and the effects of government policies.

Researchers in the field of labor economics who have prepared manuscripts that meet RLE's stringent standards are encouraged to submit them via the IZA website using the Quick Access and following the link "For Authors". Proposals for special issues and symposia are also considered.

Published articles in RLE are indexed in EconLit, Google Scholar, RePEc, and SCOPUS.

Edited by Solomon Polachek and Konstantinos Tatsiramos, Research in Labor Economics offers a high-standard outlet for empirical research on international labor markets.


Solomon Polacheck

Solomon Polachek

Co-Editor; Research Fellow

Binghamton Univers., New York

Konstantinos Tatsiramos

Konstantinos Tatsiramos

Co-Editor; Research Fellow

University of Luxembourg, LISER