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The IZA Discussion Paper series (ISSN: 2365-9793) disseminates high-quality research by IZA research network members to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers have a worldwide circulation and are available free of charge.

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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10182 Matthew D. Webb, Casey Warman, Arthur Sweetman Targeting Tax Relief at Youth Employment August 2016 Abstract
10181 François Maniquet, Dirk Neumann Well-Being, Poverty and Labor Income Taxation: Theory and Application to Europe and the U.S.
(Online Appendix)
August 2016 Abstract
10180 Mette Foged Family Migration and Relative Earnings Potentials August 2016 Abstract
10179 Alexander Bick, Bettina Brüggemann, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln Hours Worked in Europe and the US: New Data, New Answers August 2016 Abstract
10178 Aysit Tansel, Zeynel Abidin Ozdemir, Emre Aksoy Does the Unemployment Invariance Hypothesis Hold for Canada? August 2016 Abstract
10177 Marco Caliendo, Steffen Künn, Arne Uhlendorff Earnings Exemptions for Unemployed Workers: The Relationship between Marginal Employment, Unemployment Duration and Job Quality
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics, 2016)
August 2016 Abstract
10176 Niaz Asadullah Who Trusts Others? Community and Individual Determinants of Social Capital in a Low Income Country
(forthcoming in: Cambridge Journal of Economics)
August 2016 Abstract
10175 Yefeng Chen, Shuguang Jiang, Marie Claire Villeval The Tragedy of Corruption August 2016 Abstract
10174 Jakub Cerveny, Jan C. van Ours, Martin A. van Tuijl Effects of a Red Card on Goal-Scoring in World Cup Football Matches August 2016 Abstract
10173 Clara Welteke, Katharina Wrohlich Peer Effects in Parental Leave Decisions August 2016 Abstract
10172 Armin Falk, Florian Zimmermann Beliefs and Utility: Experimental Evidence on Preferences for Information August 2016 Abstract
10171 John Ifcher, Homa Zarghamee The Rapid Evolution of Homo Economicus: Brief Exposure to Neoclassical Assumptions Increases Self-Interested Behavior August 2016 Abstract
10170 Reid Johnsen, Jacob LaRiviere, Hendrik Wolff Estimating Indirect Benefits: Fracking, Coal and Air Pollution August 2016 Abstract
10169 Nekeisha Spencer, Solomon Polachek, Eric Strobl How Do Hurricanes Impact Achievement in School? A Caribbean Perspective August 2016 Abstract
10168 Sarah Khan, Andrew Seltzer The Impact of Fundamentalist Terrorism on School Enrolment: Evidence from North-Western Pakistan, 2004-09 August 2016 Abstract
10167 Ernest Boffy-Ramirez The Heterogeneous Impacts of Business Cycles on Educational Attainment August 2016 Abstract
10166 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Delia Furtado Settling for Academia? H-1B Visas and the Career Choices of International Students in the United States August 2016 Abstract
10165 Nicholas W. Papageorge, Seth Gershenson, Kyungmin Kang Teacher Expectations Matter August 2016 Abstract
10164 David E. Bloom, Elizabeth Mitgang, Benjamin Osher Demography of Global Aging August 2016 Abstract
10163 David E. Bloom, Dara Lee Luca The Global Demography of Aging: Facts, Explanations, Future August 2016 Abstract
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