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The IZA Discussion Paper series (ISSN: 2365-9793) disseminates high-quality research by IZA research network members to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers have a worldwide circulation and are available free of charge.

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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10060 Mercedes Ayuso, Jorge Miguel Bravo, Robert Holzmann On the Heterogeneity in Longevity among Socioeconomic Groups: Scope, Trends, and Implications for Earnings-Related Pension Schemes July 2016 Abstract
10059 David M. Blau, Ryan Goodstein Commitment in the Household: Evidence from the Effect of Inheritances on the Labor Supply of Older Married Couples July 2016 Abstract
10057 Xavier de Luna, Philip Fowler, Per Johansson Proxy Variables and Nonparametric Identification of Causal Effects July 2016 Abstract
10056 Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Anna Raute, Uta Schönberg From Late to MTE: Alternative Methods for the Evaluation of Policy Interventions
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics, 2016)
July 2016 Abstract
10055 Harriet Duleep, Xingfei Liu Estimating More Precise Treatment Effects in Natural and Actual Experiments July 2016 Abstract
10054 Elizabeth Kaletski Work versus School? The Effect of Work on Educational Expenditures for Children in Mexico July 2016 Abstract
10053 Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Silvia Mendolia, Dalit Contini The Gender Gap in Mathematics Achievement: Evidence from Italian Data July 2016 Abstract
10052 Umut Oguzoglu, Serkan Ozbeklik Like Father, Like Daughter (Unless There Is a Son): Sibling Sex Composition and Women's STEM Major Choice in College July 2016 Abstract
10051 Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera, Francesco Pastore Much Ado About Nothing? The Wage Effect of Holding a Ph.D. Degree But Not a Ph.D. Job Position July 2016 Abstract
10050 Martin Biewen, Stefanie Seifert Potential Parenthood and Career Progression of Men and Women: A Simultaneous Hazards Approach July 2016 Abstract
10049 Ira N. Gang, Kseniia Gatskova, John Landon-Lane, Myeong-Su Yun Vulnerability to Poverty: Tajikistan During and After the Global Financial Crisis July 2016 Abstract
10048 Utteeyo Dasgupta, Subha Mani, Prakarsh Singh Searching for Religious Discrimination among Anganwadi Workers in India: An Experimental Investigation July 2016 Abstract
10047 Getinet Astatike Haile Intergenerational Mobility in Income and Economic Status in Ethiopia July 2016 Abstract
10046 Azhar Kahn, Twyeafur Rahman, Robert E. Wright The Impact of Micro-Credit on Employment: Evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan July 2016 Abstract
10045 Zhao Chen, Tony Fang Chinese Returnees and High-tech Sector Outward FDI: The Case of Changzhou July 2016 Abstract
10044 Yolanda Fatima Rebollo-Sanz, Núria Rodríguez-Planas When the Going Gets Tough... Financial Incentives, Duration of Unemployment and Job-Match Quality July 2016 Abstract
10043 Paul Willman, Alex Bryson, John Forth UK Trades Unions and the Problems of Collective Action July 2016 Abstract
10042 Alex Bryson, John Forth What Role Did Management Practices Play in SME Growth Post-Recession? July 2016 Abstract
10041 Alberto Bayo-Moriones, Jose Enrique Galdon-Sanchez, Sara Martinez-de-Morentin Competitive Strategy, Performance Appraisal and Firm Results July 2016 Abstract
10040 Angus J. Holford Do Parents Tax Their Children? Teenage Labour Supply and Financial Support July 2016 Abstract
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