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The IZA Discussion Paper series (ISSN: 2365-9793) disseminates high-quality research by IZA research network members to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers have a worldwide circulation and are available free of charge.

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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
9697 Anika Jansen, Andries de Grip, Ben Kriechel The Effect of Choice Options in Training Curricula on the Supply of and Demand for Apprenticeships January 2016 Abstract
9696 Alfredo R. Paloyo, Sally Rogan, Peter Siminski The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on Academic Performance: An Encouragement Design Experiment January 2016 Abstract
9695 Vikesh Amin, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Daniel J. Parisian The Effect of Degree Attainment on Arrests: Evidence from a Randomized Social Experiment January 2016 Abstract
9694 Cain Polidano, Domenico Tabasso Fully Integrating Upper-Secondary Vocational and Academic Courses: A Flexible New Way? January 2016 Abstract
9693 Emin Dinlersoz, Henry R. Hyatt, Hubert P. Janicki Who Works for Whom? Worker Sorting in a Model of Entrepreneurship with Heterogeneous Labor Markets January 2016 Abstract
9692 Stijn Baert, Bas van der Klaauw, Gijsbert van Lomwel The Effectiveness of Medical and Vocational Interventions for Reducing Sick Leave of Self-Employed Workers January 2016 Abstract
9691 Sabien Dobbelaere, Roland Iwan Luttens Gradual Collective Wage Bargaining January 2016 Abstract
9690 Michael White, Alex Bryson When Does HRM 'Work' in Small British Enterprises? January 2016 Abstract
9689 Dave E. Marcotte Something in the Air? Pollution, Allergens and Children's Cognitive Functioning January 2016 Abstract
9688 Mikael Lindahl, Evelina Lundberg, Mårten Palme, Emilia Simeonova Parental Influences on Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees January 2016 Abstract
9687 Lisa Sofie Höckel, Manuel Santos Silva, Tobias Stöhr Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education? January 2016 Abstract
9686 Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Nicolas Salamanca, Anna Zhu Parenting Style as an Investment in Human Development January 2016 Abstract
9685 Barbara Pertold-Gebicka, Filip Pertold, Nabanita Datta Gupta Employment Adjustments around Childbirth January 2016 Abstract
9684 Julia Tanndal, Daniel Waldenström Does Financial Deregulation Boost Top Incomes? Evidence from the Big Bang January 2016 Abstract
9683 Philipp Doerrenberg, Denvil Duncan, Max Loeffler Asymmetric Labor-Supply Responses to Wage-Rate Changes: Evidence from a Field Experiment January 2016 Abstract
9682 Jeff Grogger Soda Taxes and the Prices of Sodas and Other Drinks: Evidence from Mexico January 2016 Abstract
9681 Luiz de Mello, Simone Schotte, Erwin R. Tiongson, Hernan Winkler Greying the Budget: Ageing and Preferences over Public Policies January 2016 Abstract
9680 Mark Borgschulte, Paco Martorell Paying to Avoid Recession: Using Reenlistment to Estimate the Cost of Unemployment January 2016 Abstract
9679 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Abhishek Chakravarty, Selim Gulesci The Price of Gold: Dowry and Death in India January 2016 Abstract
9678 Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Paolo Masella Long-Lasting Effects of Socialist Education January 2016 Abstract
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