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IZA Young Labor Economist Award

The IZA Young Labor Economist Award was presented annually from 2006-2015 for the best journal publication by young labor economists. From 2017 on, the award will be given biennially to honor an outstanding labor economist under age 45. The prize money is 6,000 euros.
The selection process starts with nominations solicited from the IZA Network and submitted by IZA Research Fellows. The nominations will then be screened by the IZA Prize Selection Committee and a winner, or a pair of joint winners, will be chosen.
The establishment of this award reflects IZA's strong ambition to support young and aspiring academics. It is meant to provide an additional incentive for this group to conduct high-quality research in labor economics.
List of previous winners:

YLEA 2006:
Enrico Moretti (University of California, Berkeley)
YLEA 2007: Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics), Iwan Barankay (University of Warwick), Imran Rasul (University College London)
YLEA 2008: Fabian Lange (Yale University)
YLEA 2009: Alexandre Mas (Princeton University)
YLEA 2010: Raj Chetty (Harvard University)
YLEA 2011: Johannes Abeler (University of Oxford), Steffen Altmann (IZA), Sebastian Kube (University of Bonn), Mathias Wibral (University of Bonn)
YLEA 2012: Scott Carrell (UC Davis), Mark Hoekstra (Texas A&M)
YLEA 2013: Martha Bailey (University of Michigan), Brad Hershbein (Upjohn Institute), Amalia Miller (University of Virginia)
YLEA 2014: Brian Kovak (Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University)

Award Winner 2015

Alessio Brown | Reed Walker
At the traditional IZA reception during the Annual Meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA), held in San Francisco in January 2016, IZA Director of Strategy and Research Management Alessio Brown presented the 2015 IZA Young Labor Economist Award to Reed Walker (University of California, Berkeley) for his article "The Transitional Costs of Sectoral Reallocation: Evidence from the Clean Air Act and the Workforce" (Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2013).

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