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Sandrine Cazes
Policy Fellow

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Cazes Sandrine Cazes is the Head of the Employment Analysis and Research Unit at the International Labour Organization since 2008. Main topics researched in the unit concern labour market adjustments and the role of institutions and policies in mitigating the costs of external shocks and ensuring job quality. Prior to that she was a Senior researcher at the International Institute for Labour Studies of the ILO, the Employment Specialist of the ILO Sub regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe, in Budapest during the EU enlargement process. Before joining the ILO, she worked at the French Economic Observatory –Sciences Po, in Paris. Her main topics of interest are labour market reforms, measurement of labour legislation, labour market institutions and job security. Her regional areas of interest are the OECD countries and emerging economies. She has authored several publications – books, research papers, policy advisory reports - on labour markets, flexicurity and employment stability.

Sandrine Cazes became an IZA Policy Fellow in 2009.



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