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Frank M. Fossen
Research Fellow

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Fossen Frank Fossen is Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor) of Economics at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin), a faculty member of Berlin’s doctoral program BDPEMS, and a Research Fellow of DIW Berlin. He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2010.

Frank Fossen received his habilitation in economics at FU Berlin in 2015 and obtained a positive evaluation as Assistant Professor in 2014. He received his Ph.D. in economics with distinction at FU Berlin in 2008. Before, he had studied at University of Karlsruhe and University of Toronto and graduated as Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (equiv. M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Economics).

His main research interests are empirical public economics, business taxation, financial economics, entrepreneurship, education, and applied microeconometrics.

Seventeen of his research articles have been published in international peer-reviewed journals, including Economica, Economics of Education Review, International Tax and Public Finance (2x), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, and Small Business Economics (2x).
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
8816  Frank M. Fossen
Johannes König
Public Health Insurance and Entry into Self-Employment
7950  Frank M. Fossen
Daniela Glocker
Stated and Revealed Heterogeneous Risk Preferences in Educational Choice
6819  Frank M. Fossen
Tobias J. M. Büttner
The Returns to Education for Opportunity Entrepreneurs, Necessity Entrepreneurs, and Paid Employees
(revised version published in: Economics of Education Review, 2013, 37, 66-84)
5566  Marco Caliendo
Frank M. Fossen
Alexander S. Kritikos
Personality Characteristics and the Decision to Become and Stay Self-Employed
(revised version published in: Small Business Economics, 2014, 42 (4), 787-814)
5459  Frank M. Fossen
Personal Bankruptcy Law, Wealth and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Evidence from the Introduction of a "Fresh Start"
(revised version published in: American Law and Economics Review, 2014, 16 (1), 269-312)
5370  Marco Caliendo
Frank M. Fossen
Alexander S. Kritikos
Trust, Positive Reciprocity, and Negative Reciprocity: Do These Traits Impact Entrepreneurial Dynamics?
(published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2012, 33 (2), 394-409)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Marco Caliendo
Frank M. Fossen
Alexander S. Kritikos
The Impact of Risk Attitudes on Entrepreneurial Survival
(substantially revised version (available on request) published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2010, 76 (1), 45-63)
2168  Marco Caliendo
Frank M. Fossen
Alexander S. Kritikos
Risk Attitudes of Nascent Entrepreneurs: New Evidence from an Experimentally-Validated Survey
(published in: Small Business Economics, 2009, 32 (2), 153-167)
2164  Frank M. Fossen
Viktor Steiner
Income Taxes and Entrepreneurial Choice: Empirical Evidence from Germany
(revised version published in: Empirical Economics, 2009, 36 (3), 487-513)



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