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Eric Strobl
Research Fellow 2002/11/21 - 2015

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Strobl Eric Strobl holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College (1997). He is currently an Associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique Paris and External Professor at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies. Before joining Ecole Polytechnique he held research posts at University College Dublin and CORE, and lecturing posts at the University of the West Indies, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and Universite de Paris X.

His main research interests are in applied labour economics, in particular related to developing countries, foreign direct investment, and economic geography. He has published and has forthcoming a number of papers in international journals, including The Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Economics and Politics, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Journal of Development Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economics Letters, Review of Economics and Statistics, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Journal of Urban Economics, and Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 2002.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
6923  Eric Strobl
Marie-Anne Valfort
The Effect of Weather-Induced Internal Migration on Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Uganda
6604  Olivier Bargain
Eliane El Badaoui
Prudence Kwenda
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
The Formal Sector Wage Premium and Firm Size for Self-employed Workers
4477  Salvador Barrios
Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Spillovers Through Backward Linkages from Multinationals: Measurement Matters!
(published in: European Economic Review, 2011, 55 (6), 862-875)
3643  Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
The Ambiguous Effect of Minimum Wages on Workers and Total Hours
(published in: Labour Economics, 2011, 18 (2), 218-228)
3619  Eric Strobl
The Economic Growth Impact of Hurricanes: Evidence from US Coastal Counties
3549  Sandra Sookram
Eric Strobl
The Role of Educational Choice in Occupational Gender Segregation: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2009, 28 (1), 1-10)
3544  Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
The Re-Building Effect of Hurricanes: Evidence from Employment in the US Construction Industry
3168  Sourafel Girma
Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Creating Jobs Through Public Subsidies: An Empirical Analysis
(published in: Labour Economics, 2008, 15(6), 1179-1199)
3151  Eliane El Badaoui
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Is There an Informal Employment Wage Penalty? Evidence from South Africa
(published in: Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2008, 56 (3), 683–710)
3145  Eliane El Badaoui
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
The Formal Sector Wage Premium and Firm Size
2506  Holger Görg
Michael Henry
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Multinational Companies, Backward Linkages and Labour Demand Elasticities
(published in: Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'économique, 2009, 42( 1), 332-348)
1606  Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Do Government Subsidies Stimulate Training Expenditure? Microeconometric Evidence from Plant Level Data
(published in: Southern Economic Journal, 2006, 72(4), 860-876)
838  Sourafel Girma
Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Government Grants, Plant Survival and Employment Growth: A Micro-Econometric Analysis
(revised version published as 'The effect of government grants on plant survival: A micro-econometric analysis' in: International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2007, 25(4), 701-720 )
683  Eric Strobl
Is Education Used as a Signaling Device for Productivity in Developing Countries? Evidence from Ghana
(published as "Do employers use education as a signal for ability in developing countries? Evidence from Ghana" in: Applied Economics Letters, 2004, 11(4), 259-261)
662  Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Getting It Right: Employment Subsidy or Minimum Wage?
(revised version published as "Dealing with Monopsony Power: the Case for Employment Subsidies" in: Economics Letters, 2007, 94 (1), 83-89 )
661  Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Efficiency Wages and Effort: Are Hard Jobs Better?
(revised version published as "Estimating the Shirking Model with Variable Effort" in: Labour Economics, 2007, 14 (3), 623-647)
660  Eric Strobl
Robert Thornton
Do Large Employers Pay More in Developing Countries? The Case of Five African Countries
(revised version published as "A Comparative Study of the Employer Size Wage Effect in Africa" in: Journal of Economic Development, 2004, 29 (1), 137-161)
659  Eric Strobl
David Byrne
Defining Unemployment in Developing Countries: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago
(published in: Journal of Development Economics, 2004, 73 (1), 465-476)
596  Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Relative Wages, Openness and Skill-Biased Technological Change
591  Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Spillovers From Foreign Firms Through Worker Mobility: An Empirical Investigation
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2005, 107 (4), 693-709)
590  Holger Görg
Eric Strobl
Frank Walsh
Why Do Foreign-Owned Firms Pay More? The Role of On-the-Job Training
(published in: Review of World Economics, 2007, 143(3), 464-482)



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