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From the IZA Newsroom:
Sibling spillover effects in school achievement
European unemployment insurance faces dilemma
Stealing to survive: Crime rates and poor harvest
Coaches matter: Evidence from the Bundesliga
IZA Prize in Labor Economics goes to Gary S. Fields
Experts discuss aid, minimum wages, youth unemployment
Born in a crisis: Outcomes of the "Children of the Wall"
Online quizzes can motivate students to learn more
How many participants to detect treatment effect?
Europe’s refugee tragedy: on work and fair burden-sharing
Joint unemployment insurance for the EMU: Moral hazard?

Established in 1998 in Bonn, Germany, IZA is a private independent economic research institute focused on the analysis of global labor markets. It operates an international network of about 1,300 economists and researchers spanning across more than 45 countries.

Based on academic excellence and an ambitious publication strategy, IZA serves as a place of communication between academic science and political practice.

The institute provides a wide array of publications and events, contributes its findings to public debates, and advises policymakers on labor market issues. Headed by Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann, IZA is a non-profit organization supported by the Deutsche Post Foundation.

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