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From the IZA Newsroom:
WSJ op-ed: Germans do believe in fiscal flexibility
Why aging and working makes us happy
Immigrant women: Not just secondary workers any more
Sol Polachek on equal pay and the gender wage gap
TTIP: Think in The Interest of the People
Where does the gender gap in economics enrolment arise?
Youth unemployment: Role of employers and policymakers
How do grades and rank affect student effort?
Ethnically diverse co-authors produce better papers
Peter Kuhn on the internet as a labor market matchmaker

Established in 1998 in Bonn, Germany, IZA is a private independent economic research institute focused on the analysis of global labor markets. It operates an international network of about 1,300 economists and researchers spanning across more than 45 countries.

Based on academic excellence and an ambitious publication strategy, IZA serves as a place of communication between academic science and political practice.

The institute provides a wide array of publications and events, contributes its findings to public debates, and advises policymakers on labor market issues. Headed by Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann, IZA is a non-profit organization supported by the Deutsche Post Foundation.

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